Low Cost Renovations to Increase Resale Value

 Low Cost Renovations to Increase Resale Value

If you want to add value through a few small, low-cost renovations prior to listing your home, you need to know which upgrades are going to have the most return on investment and which ones will cost you without generating much financial return 

Here are 10, relatively inexpensive ideas for sprucing up your home prior to sale…

  1.  Freshen up rooms with a lick of paint and consider replacing wallpaper with painted walls instead.

  2. Update the kitchen - maybe rejuvenate tired units with a cabinet refresh and add some new door hardware or update the backsplash or counter.

  3. Make small changes to the bathroom to modernize - repair old caulking, re-do the grouting and add some new rails, faucets and fixtures to give it a new lease of life.

  4. Create ambience and demonstrate how rooms can be used for different purposes with the careful use of accent, task and general lighting; particularly in the kitchen and rooms where family gather.

  5. Make a good first impression with a modern, energy efficient front door with smart hardware and same goes for an outdated garage door.

  6. Keeping a neat and tidy front yard with some inexpensive lawn care and nicely placed pots can go a long way with buyers - see our previous post on boosting curb appeal.

  7. Update the flooring - replacing old carpets with a hard floor is easily accomplished in a weekend and signals low maintenance and modernity to a buyer.

  8. Create a cosy and inviting bedroom by decluttering and accessorising with some carefully picked linens, mixing textures to create a sanctuary that buyers can imagine relaxing in.

  9. Through clever use of mirrors, window coverings and storage, you can instantly make the house feel larger and let more natural light in.

  10. Deep clean or hire a professional to do this for you - the home needs to be pristine clean from top to bottom so that prospective buyers don’t think there’s something more major lurking. 

If budget allows for some bigger projects, the Make it Right team covers off the larger remodelling projects to add the most value

Reach out for advice on presenting your home in its best light before you list.