Do Scents Sell Homes?

Do Scents Sell Homes?

Sense of smell is the sense most closely linked with memory and it’s also the most highly emotive. Walking into a room can trigger strong emotions as the scent takes us back to a long-forgotten experience or event that was buried in memory. Scents can have an unbelievable impact on the way a buyer perceives a home but it’s a case of right place, right time and there are three golden rules to using scent before welcoming prospective buyers…

  • Start with a clean slate first - using a nice scent to ‘mask’ less desirable ones isn’t the best idea. Before introducing new aromas to the home, make sure that those places that smells can lurk are clean and clear already. Soft furnishings such as curtains and cushions plus area rugs and pet beds can all harbour lingering odours so start by getting rid of these first with a deep clean.

  • Use one scent throughout the home or ‘zone’ areas with an appropriate scent for the space.

  • Always use scent subtly. Many people are sensitive to scents and would prefer the natural clean smell of open windows to a really strong artificial one. 

What are the Top Scents for a Home Showing? 

If you are going to introduce scents to your home for a showing, there are a few timeless smells that when used subtly, can convey a sense of cleanliness, warmth and comfort. Here are some that you could consider….

  • Citrus - Always top of the list, lemons in particular are the epitome of cleanliness which is why they appear on the packaging of so many cleaning products as a visual prompt too. 

  • ‘Woody’ Scents such as cedar, sandalwood and pine can evoke a sense of well-being, maybe due to the feeling we get when we’re outdoors in nature. 

  • Vanilla - Not everyone’s cup of tea but this sweet-smelling orchid-spice could be the one to make us feel all warm and fuzzy as it brings back memories of childhood baking. 

  • Cinnamon - Much like vanilla, cinnamon can take the memory back to a warm and comforting time, like thanksgiving or Christmas, cosying up at home with a favourite pie or hot dessert. 

  • Jasmine is thought to offer a number of health benefits and when used as an essential oil at home, notes that it may be helpful in lifting mood and alleviating anxiety and depression. 

  • Fresh linen - The scent of fresh cotton laundry has mass appeal but we don’t suggest leaving hampers full of fresh bed linen around to clutter up the house. Opt for a clean linen scented candle (as long as they’re not left unattended of course) or a reed diffuser. 

  • Spa Smell at Home - You could try to recreate that instant zen feeling you get when you walk through the doors of a spa; here’s an essential oil blend from ‘Unexpectedly Domestic’ that might just give that perfect spa smell to greet your prospective buyers. 

Scents Help but Realtors Sell

So, while certain scents may enhance a home showing for some prospective buyers, they won’t sell a house on their own. Maximizing the sale of your biggest asset will need the experience of a local realtor to help you navigate each stage of the process with a calmness and guiding hand. 

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